Get the scoop on the new Eversound Wireless Listening System

By Steve Moran

One of the biggest impediments senior living communities have when hosting movies, speakers or plays is getting the sound right. Many residents have mild to significant hearing loss that requires amplification. There are also residents who’s hearing becomes more sensitive to loud noise as they age.

The Numbers

  • One quarter of adults between 60 and 69 have hearing loss.

  • That number jumps to 50% when looking at the 70-79 year-old cohort.

  • Almost 80% of those in the 80+ age cohort have difficulty hearing.

  • Another way to look at the market is that almost 30 million Americans have to deal with hearing loss every day.

In practical terms it means many residents either have sub-optimal experiences or just plain skip performance -based events, because they can’t hear. It does not have to be this way.

An Elegant Practical Solution

Jake Reisch is the 26-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Eversound, an audio technology company that has set out to revolutionize the listening experience of seniors. Jake has raised a $1million seed round from Red Bear Angels and aging industry leaders David Carliner of Brightview Senior Living and David Baiada, COO of Bayada Home Health Care.

This investment will fund the commercial roll-out of the Eversound SLS multi-headphone wireless listening system for seniors.   

Here is what makes the system work:

  • Ultra simple installation and setup

  • Prominent, intuitive individual volume controls and unique usability features

  • Hearing-aid compatibility

  • Enhanced high-frequency response for improved voice clarity

Check out this video . . .

Ordering Information

You can order them from the Eversound systems in either a 10 headset or 20 headset configuration. You can also continue to expand the system in increments of 10. They are not exactly inexpensive, but they provide the opportunity to make a real and significant difference in the lives of your hearing challenged residents . . . and they cost less than 1 premium hearing aid.