In an industry where it’s the norm to cherry-pick products from a variety of vendors, the idea of a one-stop shop for software solutions seems far-fetched . . . until now.

By Wendy D’Alessandro

When Yardi came on board as a new Senior Housing Forum Partner, my first thought was, I didn’t know Yardi did senior living. For me, Yardi had long been a leader in the real estate industry, where since the early 80s the company had provided property management software solutions to a burgeoning industry.

Here we are in 2019, and Yardi is providing software solutions to yet another burgeoning industry, the senior living space. Yardi has taken decades of experience and applied the same innovation to give operators a single tool to handle a myriad of operational and resident care challenges. It’s called the Yardi® Senior Living Suite and it’s empowering leaders and staff with tools to make a difference.

Richard Nix, senior director of senior living sales at Yardi, explains, “We combine resident care, finance, and operations on our web-based software platform to offer a completely mobile, intuitive, efficient, and responsive management system.”

One Solution for Multiple Challenges

The Yardi Senior Living Suite of products includes Yardi Voyager® Senior Housing, RENTCafé® Senior Living, Yardi® Senior CRM, Yardi® EHR, Yardi® eMAR, Yardi® Procure to Pay, and more.

“Operators can better manage resident care, health records, medication, single and multi-site properties, the resident/family experience, finances, marketing, and lead generation, all using the Yardi Senior Living Suite,” says Nix.

And the Yardi Senior Living Suite is configurable. Providers can customize their suite by selecting products that meet their current needs and budget.

“Some providers are happy with their existing CRM but they need a solution to improve their health record and medication management,” says Nix. “The Yardi Senior Living Suite lets providers design their suite of products with the option to add solutions later on should their needs and budget change.”

Companies, for example, use Yardi EHR to manage electronic health records. Shawn Bertram, senior vice president of operations at The Northbridge Companies, says, “Yardi EHR helped us introduce new efficiencies in our day-to-day operations.”

Others use RENTCafé Senior Living to improve the resident/family experience and streamline payment collection.

With RENTCafé Senior Living, residents and authorized payers can access accounts in real-time to pay rent and utilities or request additional home health care services. Payment options include ACH or credit card (a payment of choice for adult children looking to accumulate points for purchase). Family members can even submit online maintenance requests on behalf of residents.

We’ll take a deep dive into each of the products offered via the Yardi Senior Living Suite in future Senior Housing Forum articles. For now, consider this:

In an industry where it’s the norm to cherry-pick products from a variety of vendors, the idea of a one-stop shop for software solutions seems far-fetched at first. It’s in our nature to stick with what we know until a better – and proven – alternative comes along. That proven and better way just may be Yardi.

Visit their website to learn more about the Yardi Senior Living Suite or call 1-800-866-1144

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