By Steve Moran

Before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and in the waning months of the pandemic, the entire senior living industry has struggled with and been frustrated with, how to get people to better know, understand, and like senior living.

A number of formal and informal groups and coalitions have pooled financial resources to make this happen. But it would be hard to argue that the needle has even wiggled, let alone moved a measurable amount.

It seems unlikely that we as an industry could ever spend enough to make senior living cool. But something like this might.

Putting Senior Living on the Map in a Serious Way

Mark Rober is a former NASA & Apple engineer who now makes his living as a Youtube and Facebook influencer. He recently produced a video in an effort to clean up some of the dirtiest waterways in the entire world.

About halfway through the video, he invites his followers to help clean up 30 million pounds of trash between now and the end of the year, focusing mostly on kids and young adults.

Imagine for a moment that a group of senior living organizations decided to take on a cause . . . cleaning parks, raising money to give kids (perhaps even the kids of senior living staff so they have better lives), or even cleaning beaches.

They do some real work and raise some serious cash. It would be publicity worthy, more so because with young people doing it, it would be more noteworthy.

We could change the world and elevate the best industry in the world.

Check out his video here: