Taking your business to the next level with expert advice is easier than you think.

By Steve Moran

I remember once as a child that some friends and I went through the very long and patient process of setting up a display of dominos with the intent to have them consecutively tip each other over. We weren’t quite creative enough to put together one of those elaborately designed ones you see on YouTube nowadays, but we were, nonetheless, enthusiastic in our goal at the time.

Mind you, we put some pretty serious effort into our quest, including borrowing extra boxes of dominos from friends and family just to make it the longest domino line the town had ever seen! We started in the garage of my friends home and the line ran down the driveway and along the sidewalk for miles! Okay, maybe not miles . . . but at least halfway down the sidewalk to the neighbors house (so same difference).

Well, after spending the better part of a Sunday carefully placing each domino in the precise spot for it to knock down the next one, the big moment finally came. Our little hearts were pounding out the crescendo of snare drums in our ears as we gave the final signal for the first domino to be thumped over and start the race . . .

And nothing.

Not even half way down the driveway, the line stopped. One of the domino’s had been placed too far apart from the one in front of it, causing the progression to halt. We released our pent up breaths in long flat sighs of disappointment, and promptly began the blame game of who was at fault for messing up the line.

Quantum Age Collaborative

Alas, that is often the way of life. We put so much effort to building something great, we often are too close to the situation to see where certain problems may be hiding. Fortunately, there is a company that actually excels at seeking out and finding such issues while helping their clients achieve specific goals.

At the Smash & Shine Conference in Chicago, I had the opportunity to speak with CC Andrews of Quantum Age Collaborative. As per their motto:

For healthcare organizations focused on growth, we mobilize leading experts to help you achieve your goals. Unlike agencies unfamiliar with the channels, challenges, and changes happening in healthcare and aging services, with the Quantum Age Collaborative you will:

  • Get access to the very best experts in healthcare without fixed costs.

  • See results faster thanks to decades of experience.

  • Be metric driven from day one.

But CC explains it even better.

“Quantum Age Collaborative is a vision I had about three years ago to do what I love the best in all of the gigs I’ve ever had in long-term care and aging services . . . helping organizations navigate this industry that I love so much. My sandbox includes provider organizations, service providers, vendors, state agencies, departments of aging and various associations.

I love helping folks/organizations achieve their objectives, whatever they may be. We are a group of experts who have strong relationships with a lot of other experts in this space. What we do for each of our clients is to pull together a “dream team” to achieve our client’s objectives.”

The Next Level

Too frequently companies are like a row of dominos, they have everything lined up and ready to go. Everything is in its place. Everything should work perfectly. And yet, it doesn’t. CC clarifies it well.

“As I look at it, so often people try to make something too perfect before getting out of the starting gate. In reality, you’ve got to find a little thread to pull on and you start with that thread and then you figure it out.

I mean you look at the iPad, right. It is this wonderful thing and we tend to think of Apple as inventing it, but they didn’t. There were tablets out there for probably seven or eight or nine years before the iPad but they figured out how to make it into a product that people loved.

It takes times and sometimes I think it becomes sort of easy to do the pitch events and you get comfortable doing that pitch but at some point in time maybe you need to stop doing that and start going more sophisticated. I guess that’s sort of where you can maybe take people to the next level, right?”

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So what do you think? Can Quantum Age Collaborative help you reach the next level? To hear more from CC Andrews and learn more about Quantum Age Collaborative, listen to the rest of the podcast below: