Earlier this week I published an article titled Perpetually Behind the Times where I addressed the dearth of innovation in senior housing and particularly the lack of disruptive innovative technology.

I ended the article noting that Lincoln Healthcare a sponsor of C level industry seminars is aggressively engaged in the process of solving this problem and that as a senior housing professional can contribute to that effort. One of the events that Lincoln produces is called LTC & Senior Living LINK.  What happens at this event is that over the course of three days, high level long term care and senior living executives gather to network with their peers and an exclusive pool of vendors, with the goal of developing new and unique solutions that benefit the senior companies, their residents and staff. Last year the highlight of this three day event was the LTC LINK Tank Innovation Completion.  This year, they are opening the Innovation Competition portion of the event, to anyone who would like to come.

2013 LTC LINK Tank Innovation Competition

The competition (the part that is open to everyone) will take place Monday July 22 12:30 – 1:45 pm at the Sheraton Chicago. It’s a joint effort between InnovateLTC and Lincoln HealthCare.  InnovateLTC is a business accelerator that assists with developing innovative solutions for the global aging population.  They are located in Louisville, Kentucky and founded by Signature HealthCARE.  Last year’s winner of the competition was CareMerge. The competition will place the top five hottest up and coming entrepreneurs in front of an audience of potential customers in a ‘Shark Tank’ TV show style competition.  There will be a panel of judges, plus the audience, including you, will be able to ask questions and offer comments. You will also be able to vote for your favorite.  

To Participate

If you think this is cool and want to attend, you will need to register (did I mention it is free?).  You can do that by going to the LTC & Senior Living LINK registration website.   Under registration type select LINKTANK attendee.  

If you are an Innovator

If you have a great idea, a great invention or a great new technology idea that will improve the lives of seniors and/or senior living operators and would like to participate in the completion, you can check out the details at the LINKtank website.  It is a unique opportunity to present your idea to your potential purchasers and users then get instant frank feedback.   There are prizes including a check for $10,000 to the winner.  As important, it provides instant and better access to venture investors that came make all the difference between your venture’s success or failure. Steve Moran