Everyday there stories on Alzheimer’s Disease that are mostly hype disguised as hope. Isn’t it about time to get past hype and figure out how to care for those with Alzheimer’s as we fight to find a cure?

This article by Brenda Avadian was first published at The Caregivers Voice. It particularly resonated with me because I use Twitter and Scoop-it to find articles to curate for my news around the web section and I see the same thing. – Steve Moran  

To keep up with the news about different topics, I receive Google Alerts–in this case, for the word Alzheimer. Each week I scan the headlines and click on those that interest me. This week, I was taken aback by the topic threading through many of the headlines Google’s algorithms gathered. I have copied most of them here for you to scan.

Google Alert – Alzheimer

Dance, art boost memories for Alzheimer’s patients USA TODAY Some experts find Alzheimer’s patients benefit from dance, painting and other arts. Residents of Harrison Terrace in Indianapolis enjoy a fun 

Alzheimer’s patients could develop Down syndrome-like Channel News Asia Alzheimer’s patients could develop Down syndrome-like characteristics, according to a surprising new discovery connecting the age-related dementia to the 

Alzheimer’s Onset Linked to Copper – A Mystery Explained? [Video] Guardian Express A recent study has been conducted, investigating the influence of copper on a protein thought, in part, to be responsible for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Copper Could Play Role In Alzheimer’s Development, Study Suggests The Huffington Post News Editors A pervasive element in our environment may have a hand in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests. The study, conducted both in mice 

Study Suggests Copper May Be the Culprit in Alzheimer’s Disease Cameron Scott Recent research on Alzheimer’s disease suggests that the illness may be more common than previously thought, especially in advanced old age. With life spans 

Bioactive compounds found in green tea and red wine halt By John Phillip (NaturalNews) Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by an unnatural accumulation of amyloid plaque aggregates around nerve synapses that block the 

UCLA study suggests iron is at core of Alzheimer’s disease / UCLA Mark Wheeler Alzheimer’s disease has proven to be a difficult enemy to defeat. After all, aging is the No. 1 risk factor for the disorder, and there’s no stopping that.

Brain Network Decay Detected in Early Alzheimer’s | Psych Central Janice Wood Disruptions in brain networks emerge in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease at about the same time as chemical markers of the disease appear in the spinal.

Alzheimer’s Disease Fast Facts – CNN.com Here’s a look at what you need to know about Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive brain disorder that damages and destroys brain cells, leading to loss of 

Researchers: Copper linked to Alzheimer’s disease – CBS News Video CBS News video: Researchers: Copper linked to Alzheimer’s disease – Daily health headlines: Common metal may be behind Alzheimer’s, new study says pilots 

Better detection’ for Alzheimer’s and cancers – Phys A new chemical discovery will lead to better monitoring and treatment for cancers and degenerative diseases, according to latest research by scientists.

Brain network decay detected in early Alzheimer’s – Science Daily In patients with early Alzheimer’s disease, disruptions in brain networks emerge about the same time as chemical markers of the disease appear in the spinal 

Sniffing Out New Strategies in the Fight Against Alzheimer s Disease The newest chemical under investigation for managing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is actually not new at all. Insulin, the therapeutic hormone all-too familiar to 

Red meat may raise Alzheimer’s risk – Medical News Today Eating too much red meat may raise the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, as might the regular consumption of iron dietary supplements.  

Are these Alzheimer’s alerts Hype or Hope?

Is it just me? I imagine what I would make of all these headlines if I were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’d be running away from copper one day painting the next, keeping away from iron while drinking lots of green tea, and shunning a juicy steak while drinking lots of red wine. I’d be tested while reviewing Alzheimer’s disease facts and wondering when I’ll develop Down’s syndrome-like characteristics.

Could we better find a cure if we came together instead of running in so many different directions? What is Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe if we can agree to that we might be able to laser in on what causes it.