Evolve 2021 with Dr. Bill Thomas, Teepa Snow, and Ashton Applewhite

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Senior Living Foresight presents Evolve 2021 with keynotes speakers:
Dr. Bill Thomas, Teepa Snow, and Ashton Applewhite. Click here to read all our speakers’ bios.

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Collaboration Kickoff with Dr. Bill followed by Keynote: A New Perspective for the Future
Dr. Bill Thomas, Founder, Minka Homes
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Case Study: Benchmark’s Something in Common Program
Barbara Solomon, Vice President of Revenue Operations, Benchmark
David Sawyer, Founder & CEO, TSOLife
Learn how technology is used to save countless hours on data entry. Data is a powerful tool to enhance and personalize resident experiences.


The Importance of Spiritual Connection: Tools and Ideas to Address Grief & Emotional Well-Being
Rev. Carol Hassell
, Spiritual Director
A rich spiritual life contributes to a higher level of well-being. Help your residents achieve a sense of connection and meaning through spiritual exploration and learn to process emotions using creative expression

Evolve 2021 Dr Bill Thomas Presented by DiscoverLive


The “R” Word: A Conversation about Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Erika F. Jackson, Ageing Advocate and Educator, Samaritan Solution
How has race, diversity, equity, and inclusion affected you and your residents? This difficult conversation will impact the future of the senior living industry.


Must Have: Innovation and Engagement in the New Normal
Sarah Hoit, Connected Living
Anna Hall, Connected Living
The pandemic drove in-room tech adoption. This opened up the door for new types of connections. Learn how residents and family are using different modes of communication.
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Virtual Activities: Keeping Residents Engaged
Abbie Richie, Founder Senior Savvy
Take your virtual activities to the next level by refreshing your approach. Learn the 3 Ps: Preparing, pacing, and presenting for maximum engagement and retention.

Evolve 2021 Teepa Snow presented by IN2L


Panel: Measuring Outcomes
Aras Erekul, National Dir. of Integrative Well-Being, Watermark
Theresa Perry, Corporate Dir. of Hospitality & Wellness, Acts Retirement Living
Moderated by Sara Kyle,  LE3 Solutions
What does an engaged resident look like in terms of attitude, mobility, connectedness, purpose, and quality of life? Typically, soft metrics are more difficult to measure. This panel discusses how to use data collected from residents and families.

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Hospitality Impact on Satisfaction
Adam Grafton, VP of Culinary
Regan Medzhibzher
, VP of Marketing & Communications, Morrison Living
Discover how consumer dining trends can be adapted to enhance life enrichment. Learn to leverage your community’s hospitality and dining services to improve satisfaction.
Sponsored by Morrison Living


Dementia: Activities With Meaning
Teepa Snow, Dementia Educator, Positive Approach to Care
How do you determine someone’s remaining skills and interests? Teepa teaches you observation skills and the ability to help your residents feel productive and involved. Discuss activities to promote interaction and engagement while reducing distress and isolation.
Sponsored by IN2L


I’m Not Bored, I’m Starved for Creative Connection! Why Creativity Matters Now More Than Ever
Caroline Edasis, Director of Community Engagement & Creative Arts, Mather
Angela Burton, Founder & Chief Writing Motivator, Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops®
It’s time to get creative and address boredom and isolation. Learn how creative expression through writing and art can impact your residents.


Strength Training: A Critical Ingredient for Happy, Healthy Residents
Eric Levitan
, CEO, Vivo
Why is strength training the most important thing an older adult can do as they age? Learn ways to foster behavioral change and make exercise a habit, even in a virtual world.


Fitness Programs Residents Will Line Up For
Emily Johnson, Founder, StrongerU Senior Fitness
It’s not just a fitness class anymore. How do you transform physical activity into a fitness experience? Debunk common myths about aging and exercise.

Evolve 2021 Eric Levitan Sponsored by Connected Living
Evolve 2021 Emily Johnson Sponsored by Connected Living


Panel: Pathway to Leadership – Advice to Slingshot Your Career
Jessica Bourque, Director of Vitality and Well-being, Sharon Towers
Leslie Quintanar, Regional Director of Operations, Pacifica Senior Living
Sandra Griswold, Corporate Administrator, DePaul Adult Care Communities
Moderated by Kelly Stranburg, Principal, LE3 Solutions
Meet senior living professionals who began their careers in activities. Hear about their start and how they progressed through their professional journey all while using the skills learned early on.
Sponsored by ASCHA/Red Deer College Activity Coordinator Certificate Program


Are Residents’ Expectations of Programming Shifting?
Sara Kyle, Ph.D., Founder, LE3 Solutions
Kelly Stranburg, M.Ed., Principal, LE3 Solutions
Let’s take a step back and determine if you are in alignment with your resident needs and desires. Learn how to support resident-driven programming and what tools are available to help.


Well-Care: A New Spa Experience
Verna Chisman
, President, Allure & Wellness Management Services
Feeling beautiful and having self-confidence are intimately linked with health and well-being. Discover methods to provide “well-care” through salon & spa experiences in a safe and caring environment.


C-Suite Panel: Prioritizing Life Enrichment and Measuring ROI
Angie Snyder, CMO, Aegis Living
Monica McAfee, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, John Knox Village
Lynne Katzmann, President, Juniper Communities
These three leaders will discuss why they prioritized life enrichment. Learn about their Ah Ha moment and their process to build a new life enrichment strategy. Discover the changes they implemented plus the outcomes they have seen.


Activity Professionals – What Happens Next?
Dawn Worsley, Owner, Dawn on the Horizon
Amy Laughlin, Executive Director, Navion Senior Solutions
Colleen Knudson, Owner, Knudson Consulting LLC
Moderated by Alisa Tagg, Association Director, National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP)
Learn from three activity professionals who will encourage and empower all attendees. Discuss how to analyze engagement opportunities and develop thoughtful solutions. Don’t miss your chance to ask this panel questions.


This Chair Rocks: How Ageism Warps Our View of Long Life
Ashton Applewhite
, Writer and Activist, This Chair Rocks
Uncover the social and economic forces that feed and profit from the fear of aging. Learn about the nature of ageism and ableism, and how they intersect and reinforce each other.


Ending Loneliness: A Program for Residents that Don’t Come to Programs
Dr. Kristine Theurer, Founder, Java Group Programs
What if you could create a resident army of volunteers to help you solve loneliness? Join us to learn about a revolutionary evidence-based approach you can implement.
Sponsored by Java Group Programs


Foresight Awards for Employee Excellence and Most Inspiring People
Sponsored by Total Brain Health
This award will recognize those who have go above and beyond over the last year to raise moral of their peers, residents and family members.
Make sure to nominate a co-worker before April 9. Awards are presented on April 15.
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It’s the first-ever life enrichment focused virtual summit designed to reimagine how we engage residents and enhance their lives. This summit is for life enrichment and activities staff, executive directors, operation managers, COOs, and CEOs who are interested in gaining knowledge to improve efficiency, reduce turnover, and increase resident satisfaction.
Don’t miss this industry-changing event that will uplift and invigorate you, your team, and your residents.
NAB and NAAP CEUs pending approval.

Invite your co-workers and residents! Everyone is welcome to join in and make the industry better. 

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