By Steve Moran

I recently had an email land in my inbox that talked about a social media influencer/creator who has built enough of a following to quit her day job and make a better income doing the social media thing.

What made my head spin was that her entire gig is to do before-and-after stories. As in … here I am at 250 lbs. This is now me at 123 lbs. Here is how I did it.

The reason you should do this is simple. PEOPLE LOVE BEFORE-AND-AFTER STORIES. They are compelling because there is always an underlying message that says, “This could be you.” It also makes your value proposition compellingly obvious.

Senior Living Operators — Residents

There are so many ways to use this concept.

  • Here is how miserable your life will be if you don’t take advantage of senior living. Here is how amazing it will be if you or your loved one moves into senior living. (It does actually have to be true, BTW.)
  • Here is a resident who was living at home, undernourished, understimulated. She moved into our community and now plays bridge every day.
  • Here is Mr. Jones, a widower who lost his wife and was floundering. He moved in and fell in love and is now off on a world trip with his new 96-year-old bride.

Even …

  • I read this story about an older person who died at home alone of malnutrition. Imagine what their life would have been like if they lived here instead.
  • Or a little less depressing, maybe a picture of a frozen dinner on a TV tray versus a photo of a great meal with friends in senior living.

Senior Living Operators — Team Members

Before-and-after stories are a powerful recruiting tool.

  • Before Tom came to work at our organization, he was in a nowhere job. When he came to work here, we laid out a career path, and now he is a ….
  • Sue was working hard at a local diner and hated her job. Then she came to our community and found purpose in her life.

Senior Living Solution Providers 

If you are selling products or services to senior living operators, the single best thing you can do is to paint a before-and-after picture demonstrating how what you do made a substantial difference in the operator’s business, in the lives of team members, in the lives of residents and their families.

Your turn. What is your before-and-after story?