What’s going on with the Senior Housing Forum Website

We are growing and you are seeing some growing pains but here’s what is going on: If you have followed Senior Housing Forum from the beginning you know it started as a logo-less basic WordPress site.  As traffic grew and I learned more about web design, it became clear I needed more features.  After a number of false starts and a couple of hosting disasters, I found a web designer who was able to get me to the generation before this one which was a lot better. We continued to grow and there were additional things I wanted to be able to do.  After months and months of searching, I found a web designer in the Sacramento area (where I am based) who understood what I had and more importantly what I wanted to accomplish and how to get there. He and I have been working together for the past number of weeks to launch this new permutation and which will continue to evolve. 

Some specifics:

  • Mobile Devices –  The old theme was not very friendly for viewing on mobile devices iPhones and Android phones.  If you have been frustrated the old look you will really like the new look.
  • Banner Ads –  Since the beginning of the year, Senior Housing Forum has had some tremendous blog partners who have provided financial support to keep the site going and growing.   I have written stories about how these companies are making the senior living world a better place for operators and the seniors they serve.   As we have increased the amount of content we are producing (around 30 articles a week between original content curated articles) their articles have drifted down the page faster and in order to honor their support we have added small banner ads for our partners.
  • The Top Banner –  Today those are pictures I have taken at various trade shows.  Ultimately though, this is a place to honor you, your residents and your staff.  If you have someone you would like to feature, send me a horizontal photo and a short description, and yes, we will include a link back to your community.  There is no cost for this.

I want to say from the bottom of my heart thanks for reading; thanks for tolerating the growing pains and thanks for commenting and interacting. Steve Moran