On July 14 Benchmark Senior Living announced they have created a new Executive Vice President for Sales and Operations that will be filled by Jayne Sallerson.

By Steve Moran

On July 14 Benchmark Senior Living announced that have created a new Executive Vice President for Sales and Operations that will be filled by Jayne Sallerson.  

Jayne is a well known and highly respected sales leader who was most recently the COO of Sherpa, a Sales Conversion and CRM platform (and a Senior Housing Forum partner). Her start date is August 22, 2016.

I talked to Tom Grape, the CEO of Benchmark about Jayne and the new position and why Jayne. While Benchmark is feeling some pressure from new competition, their occupancy levels are strong. From his perspective this is all about improving the customer/consumer experience very early in the process.   

The person-centered sales approach pioneered by David Smith is something Jayne embraces and will bring to Benchmark with full force. The idea behind the approach is to help prospective residents figure out what is best for them. This means being willing to have conversations about not moving into senior living or moving into a competitor community.  

It sounds kind of nuts but it really is about giving the customer the experience they want; the experience anyone would want.

From the Press Release:

“At Benchmark, we strive to make a difference in every life we touch,” said Stephanie Handelson, president and chief operating officer of Waltham, Mass.-based Benchmark. “As an industry innovator, Benchmark continues to set the standard for quality, individualized resident service. As an advocate for adopting a customer-centered approach to sales as well as operations”

Here is what Jayne has to say about the new opportunity:

“In my new position, I will have a unique opportunity to draw from my years of experience at Emeritus as well as the knowledge I gained about Prospect-Centered Selling sm during my tenure with Sherpa” said Sallerson. By creating a new position that focuses on the customer experience before as well as after the sale, Benchmark is in a position to help lead that sea change, yet again demonstrating its reputation for ongoing innovation.”

Jayne will continue to be involved in Shepa serving as a trusted advisor and a member of their soon to be announced advisory board.

The Question I Wasn’t Supposed to Ask

I asked Tom if this means they will become Sherpa CRM users, I could almost see the grin on his face. He refused to commit, but acknowledged that with Jayne on board the pressure to make that change will certianly increase.