90-year-old bikini model, weight-lifting grandma, senior criminals, and more…

By Steve Moran

I spend a lot of time looking at all kinds of stories and articles on the internet.  A few . . . maybe 5 or 6 are just plain cool. Some are cool but not worth turning into an article, and others are cool and really have nothing to do with senior living, but I am thinking you might think they are cool too.

Story Telling is the Secret Sauce for Senior Living

Storytelling is a skill we get better at as we get older. In this “Hopeful Aging” with Dr. John Zeisel TV interview, guest Alan O’Hare, Professor of Storytelling and Healing, provides viewers with the secret ingredients of successful storytelling. Here are some of the highlights from this engaging interview: everyone has their story and each story takes them “home”; the best storytellers are the best listeners; storytelling brings you to life in the moment — and that’s where hope is hidden; and the most important storytelling secret of all is: “If you can touch it, you can catch it”— a football, the life you have lived, or your dreams. The mission of each “Hopeful Aging” interview is to create a life worth living for all of us as we age, including those facing cognitive challenges, by enriching lives and offering hope. Enjoy the show.

Are Seniors the Most Powerful Force on the Planet

According to the US Census Department within the next 4 years, for the first time ever in the history of the planet, the number of people over age 65 will be greater than the number of people under age 5 and over the next decade or two that gap will grow.  

A 90-Year-Old in a Bikini Shoot

I have no idea if this has any implications for the senior living industry, but I found it interesting that this photo went viral and it does put aging in a rather positive light. At the end of the day it is compelling evidence that aging is changing.

Seniors In Japan Turn to a Life of Crime

The Japanese version of Social Security is seriously inadequate leaving many seniors without needed resources to survive. Rather than live on the streets, they turn to petty crime with the goal of getting caught and put in prison where for a year or two they will have a place to sleep, food and clothing.

78-Year-Old Grandma Who Can Dead Lift 245 lbs.

Wouldn’t you like to have this woman as a resident in your community?

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