It seems weird to me but this is a subject that is virtually never talked about . . . transportation is a huge headache for most senior living organizations.

By Steve Moran

It seems weird to me but this is a subject that is virtually never talked about. Transportation is a huge headache for most senior living organizations:

  • It is pretty expensive (though not as expensive as dining)

  • It is never good enough

  • It is an important part of what a community does but not exactly like anything else a community does

  • It is only a cost center

For all of that, I don’t see anyone seriously tackling it as an opportunity to improve the way services are delivered and to reduce costs. You might say, “Wait a minute now. Lyft and Uber have that app or computer thing where a community can order up a car for residents. This is better than nothing, no doubt, and at best only an additive service to relieve a tiny bit of the pressure on transportation departments . . .

Until now.

Envoy America

We are really excited to have Envoy America as Senior Housing Forum’s newest partner. They were started two and a half years ago with the express goal of providing transportation services to seniors that would closely mimic having a loving family member run errands for or with seniors. In keeping with that mission, they have the ability to completely replace a senior living communities transportation service and reduce costs by 20% to 30%.

Envoy America is currently operating in 7 cities across 3 states. Here is their fundamental value proposition:

  • Augment or replace a senior community’s transportation services;

  • Reduce capital and staffing costs and headaches (20-40% on average per ALF/IL/MC);

  • Provide better and more customized transportation services to residents and their families;

  • Help differentiate a senior community in a crowded marketplace.

Nope, I am not kidding about the cost reduction. While at the NIC Spring Conference in Dallas I interviewed K.C. Kanaan, the founder of Envoy America and he can tell the story more masterfully than I.

Here is the video:

To learn more about Envoy America check out their website

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