I have this one question I really like to ask leaders, but usually I am afraid to ask it . . .

By Steve Moran

I have this one question I really like to ask leaders, but usually I am afraid to ask it. That question is this:

“What’s it like to be you?”

The few times I have asked this question the person is always a bit taken back, and I get that. I am not sure how I would respond. But when I have asked the question I gotten fascinating insights.  

What’s It Like to Be Kent Mulkey?

I first met Kent Mulkey at a conference in Las Vegas and since that time we have become good friends. If you are a regular reader you too know Kent as a contributor of some of the most powerful and thought-provoking content we publish.

You may not know this but he is an amazing senior living community leader. He is currently the Executive Director at a CCRC campus. He has been there for about 2 years and has taken the campus from an occupancy in the mid-80% to 96% during that time. He has also slowed staff turnover and controlled expenses.  

A few months ago we again ended up at a conference in the same place and I put him in front of the video camera.  

I didn’t actually ask him what it is like to be him, but I did ask him what it is like to work for him. His immediate answer was


You can hear the rest of what he has to say here:


That is just a single clip out of a much longer interview that we have split into smaller chunks for ease of viewing.  You can access all those clips here:

  1. First Steps, Missteps, and Stepping Up

  2. Free Coffee & Fun Times — The embedded video above

  3. Before They Are Leads, They Are People

A Final Note:  These views represent Kent’s personal views and do not represnet those of his employer.