Learn what Caring.com can really do for you!

By Katie Roper

At Caring.com, we sometimes hear this from senior housing companies: “We pay you all that money – what do you really do for me?”

It’s true we don’t sell families specifically on one community over another. That’s still the job of your sales teams. The value we add is this: Our Family Advisors get people OFF the Internet and INTO your community – which gives your people the opportunity to close the deal:

  1. We help families identify their needs – whether they search for “signs of dementia” or “senior driving dangers” or “old folks home in Greenville,” we have expert-authored, high-ranking content to answer their questions
  2. We gain their trust – so they’ll provide their contact information and agree to take your phone calls
  3. We respond to them in “Internet time” – generally within 30 seconds of lead submission
  4. We tease out their motivations for inquiring – and tell you about them in the notes we send
  5. We redirect those that aren’t serious, or need too much care, or don’t have the financial resources to afford senior housing. For every inquiry we refer to partners, we eliminate four others so your sales teams don’t have to!
  6. We leverage the trust and rapport our Family Advisors have built with the families to get about 1/3 of them to commit to tour one or more communities.
  7. We do it all for free – until you get a move-in.

Have you ever wondered exactly how we gain trust, tease out motivations, qualify for finances and care? Are you curious to learn how we help decide which community or communities are appropriate? Would you like to know how many places we send each lead? If you want answers to these or any other questions about our consumer interaction, we encourage you to join our next webinar on Thursday, November 12: Ask Me Anything: Caring Family Advisor Edition

You’ll hear from actual members of our Family Advisor team, who will openly share their experiences on the phones with families seeking care.  Sign up today, and bring your questions!