By Steve Moran 

First off, I confess I stole this idea. Second, I can’t remember where or to whom I would give credit.

Setting the Stage

Each week there are dozens of cool things that happen in your organization — some of which you may not notice at all and others that might get noticed and forgotten a moment or two later by you or someone else.

What if you were to capture all those moments — some big, some little, some in-between — then create a highlight reel that you share with your team, residents, and prospects. You’d have to make more than one since some things you would share with your staff might not be appropriate for residents and prospects.


It could be as little as a smile or a thank you from a new resident, or as big as three new move-ins in a week. It might include a team member holding the hand of a resident who takes their last breath or helping a resident celebrate his 100th birthday.

It might be a team member having a birthday, a new graduate or a new baby, or a grandbaby or promotion. It might also include something funny that happened … often a mistake you can laugh at (but don’t embarrass people).

It could even be something that happened in the life of a team member, resident, or family member outside the four walls of the community.

Highlight Reel

It could be a video or still photos, or simply storytelling at a stand-up meeting. It will make your team members love coming to work every day. It will help them feel like they are a part of something bigger that is changing the world. (This is true right?)

Do this every week, do this once and month, and pretty soon people will be coming to you with things that need to be included.

If you do this, share it so we can learn from you and give you a shout-out.