What is your WOW Factor? Do you have one? If not, we can help!

By Jane Kincaid

Family members are the third part of the triad that makes up the core constituency of a successful provider community. This is because they play a major role in deciding if a resident will call your facility home. Once inside the community, they are vital to making a residents’ life away from their personal home a smooth and beneficial experience.

Of course, they want the community to be pleasant and to provide the best care, but what community doesn’t market that? Once you peel back the first layer of approval, you begin to get into the nitty-gritty, the amenities that sell, the so-called “wow factor.”

The WOW Factor

This is here where LifeShare, a Senior Housing Forum partner, can make a huge difference in putting families at ease in knowing that their potential new home for a loved one is up to speed on the social aspects that make life so enjoyable.

With LifeShare’s programming, the family member can see benefits, such as:

  • Sending messages. Family members can immediately begin sending pictures and messages to their loved one’s TV, even before they have officially moved in. Upon move-in, those pictures rotate through on the resident’s TV creating an inviting environment. 
  • Download the App. Family members can download the LifeShare mobile app to stay up to date with the community. Even if they live far away, they can still see the activities that are scheduled, the menu, any important announcements that are made, and better yet, pictures of mom participating in an activity.
  • Activity Calendar. Staff gets access to LifeShare’s activity calendar, with real-time changes. Where does this display? In the mobile app, on the community’s digital signage, on the community website, through the family members unique LifeShare account, and even on the resident’s TV. 
  • Real-time notifications. Family members can get a phone call or text message of important events, which are automatically scheduled by the staff.  
  • Appointment Reminders. Family and staff can have the ability to create appointment reminders to display on their loved one’s TV. 
  • Photo memories. Hundreds of pictures can be sent to residents from family members all across the world. Family members can view all pictures that have been transmitted, and even download them to their own device. 
  • Meaningful family visits. With LifeShare in the resident’s room, family members can leverage the array of options to enliven conversations, include other family members, like children or distant relatives, and view community information, play music or partake in games. 

The role of family when it comes to residents’ happiness and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. And the LifeShare programming is an important consideration in this regard.

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