By Leigh Ann Hubbard

“Do more storytelling!”

It’s the mantra in marketing right now. I agree with it … and also struggle with it.

It’s partly because I tend to take things literally. When I think “story,” I think specific narrative, such as:

  • Our community’s history
  • A cool story from Resident A’s past
  • How we changed Resident B’s life
  • Why Resident C decided to move in
  • What a day in the life might look like if you move in

Those are good stories to tell!

But sometimes, “storytelling” means something subtler.

… Like This 👇

In my spare time, I volunteer in animal rescue, and boy, is there some good storytelling in that field. (They’ve got powerful fodder!)

But the video below, which Best Friends Animal Society released this week, is one of the best pro-pet-adoption videos I’ve ever seen — and it’s not because it makes me think, “What a great story!”

What do you think?

While I watched it the first time, I wasn’t thinking much of anything.

I was feeling.

This is emotional storytelling. It actually does have a narrative. It even shows problem, solution, and results. But the point isn’t for people to digest a story, per se. It’s for them to go on an emotional journey — and then be inspired to act.

Here’s the other powerful thing about this video: You feel good/motivated at the end. “Emotional” doesn’t have to mean sad or nostalgic or melancholy.

What could positive emotional storytelling look like for senior living? How could we give hope, show a better way — a better life?

Specifically: What could storytelling like this look like for your community? What problems, solutions, and results could you show?

If you publish anything along these lines, please tag us. We’d love to see it.