Senior Living Foresight presents Social Media Webinar on July 21, 2021

Social Media Webinar

Do you hesitate to post on social media because you don’t know if it’s a waste of time, or you don’t know if it fits your brand image and mission?

Maybe you are inconsistent at posting and want to know how consistent you should be.

This webinar is perfect for directors, department heads, marketing staff, and sales counselors. We will talk big picture on why social media is important. And we will get into some tangible takeaways on strategy and execution.

Come learn:

  • Which channels you should focus your time (B2B versus B2C)
  • What types of content are the most appealing to your audience
  • What “Personalized Marketing” is and how your community or company will benefit from it
  • Why short form video is so appealing
  • How and when to go live on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to develop your LinkedIn Audience

Join us Wednesday, July 21st at 10:00 am Pacific (1 pm Eastern). Fill out the form below to register.

Check out this article How to Track the ROI of Your Social Media to learn about senior living social media. 

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