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I am a sort of researcher . . . I use that term cautiously because it implies academic and that I am not. I just barely made it through freshman English and, therefore, college because my freshman English comp professor had the good graces to die, forcing the college to convert my incomplete to a passing grade.

I spend a lot of time looking at all kinds of stories and articles on the internet. A few . . . maybe 5 or 6 are just plain cool. Some are cool but not worth turning into articles, and others are cool and really have nothing to do with senior living, but I am thinking you might think they are cool too.

Not sure how often we will do this, no more than once a week. Let me know what you think.

The Disappearing Middle Class

This past week The Pew Research Center issued a report that says the middle class is rapidly shrinking. They were the group that was hit hardest by the recent recession and have least felt the effects of the recovery.  

While this may not be good for the country, it might be good for senior living. More people in the upper income category means more people who can afford our product. More in the lower income category means . . . maybe . . . more people in that very critical labor force.

The Bad Apple Employee

You will find this article on LinkedIn and it makes a really interesting point, that sometimes when we end up with a really difficult but competent productive team member we need to start by asking what lessons we can learn about our own leadership journey. This is not to say they are not a problem, but maybe if they are driving you nuts, there are some things you need to learn about how you manage people.

On Hiring and Managing High Performance People

No link just great advice:


Drug Companies Need to Take Cover

We have this weird and stupid system that pretty much allows drug companies to charge whatever they feel like charging for the drugs we need every day. It costs Americans billions every year. Maybe, though, there is good news. It seems as if they have gone so far over the greed line that the Senate is holding hearings. It is hard to know if it will do any good, because the industry passes cash to politicians like crazy.  A Second Story on the hearings.

Could This Be a Good Angle for Senior Living?

Once I passed age 50 I found that, at least in Silicon Valley, job hunting became a lot tougher. I now have a job for life and will never have to face this problem and yet I have friends in the late 50s and early 60s who are competent and desperately in need of a job. While we do need fresh young talent in senior living, I also find myself thinking that we should be leading the way in hiring older Americans. Not senior living, but this is a great story about how one organization is making this happen.

Nothing to Do with Senior Living or Anything for That Matter

But it will make you laugh.

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