Careless words, phrases or stories can in a moment destroy a hard fought for sale. . .

I am going to confess that I asked if I could repost this article as much because I loved the title as because the content was great . . . though it is. – Steve Moran

Believe it or not, I heard a senior living sales person say, “My cat has diarrhea”, to a hot prospect.”  They blew the sale, because the senior was so worried about the sick cat.


Do you accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative at your senior living community?  Maybe you better check.  It’s easy for senior living marketing people to over compensate and share what you do not offer.  They are just trying to be helpful to the customer.  They are not trying to sabotage sales and send seniors to the competitor.

Every retirement community has its strong points and weak points.  It does not matter if you are brand new or 25 years old.  Always showcase your strengths.  Is this something that you teach your senior living advisers?  How do they learn it?  Don’t make an assumption that they will learn it by osmosis.

Here is an excerpt from a chapter in my book called, “ Never Say to the Customer. . .”

There is such a thing as being too honest with the customer with statements such as:

  • “You were on my list to call today.”
  • “You were on my schedule to be followed up with today.”
  • Telling the customer we will retain 10%.  Instead saying, “The entrance fee is 90% refundable to your estate.”
  • NEVER EVER refer to people as “a sale!”
  • Please don’t call them a “prospect” in their presence or to their face.  They are all your “guests,” in this book; I have referred to them as “prospective guests.”  Please note: The term “prospect” or “prospective guests” is meant for marketing and is only to be used in-house.  In the prospect’s presence the term to use is “guest.”  I might say, “Mrs. Jones, I have an appointment later with another “guest” who is interested in this two-bedroom apartment home with the view of the park.”

I have literally had three different types of sales people in the last week say, “I am following up with you.”  It makes me cringe.  How about you?

So what is the worst mistake you have heard a sales person say?

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