By Elizabeth George

We’re all sharing a smaller slice of the pie right now. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

By this, I mean that the number of prospective residents is decreasing amidst today’s uncertainty and there are more communities competing to attract this smaller group.

  • Fewer people today believe that seniors housing is a safe option for themselves or their family members.
  • Fewer people today have the consumer confidence to make big purchases.
  • Fewer people today have the savings and the income to afford a senior living experience.

The good news? More people who call today to inquire about your community truly need the product you are offering.

On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you can convert these interested prospects into happy residents? 

If you answered with anything less than a 7, read on. 

Selling in This Market Is Possible and You Can Learn How

Beginning the week of June 1st, Russell Rush, Managing Partner of R3R1 Consulting Group and an SLF Partner, will be delivering his R3R1 sales training program virtually for the first time ever.

He’ll be leading a maximum of 30 participants through R3R1: The Science of Selling Academy, a five-week program that teaches the skills and process he’s used successfully for the last decade to achieve closing ratios of 80% — on the first visit.

Over the last few weeks alone, he’s closed 80% of qualified prospects over the phone. Without giving a single virtual tour.

Getting Results

How? Through a carefully developed sales methodology that has three proven steps:

  1. Relate — forming a personal connection with the prospect
  2. Reason — persuading a prospect that they will have a better outcome by purchasing your product or service 
  3. Resolve — removing the obstacles that are preventing your prospect from making a commitment to buy your product or service

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to learn from and engage directly with Russell over the course of this five-week program which includes:

  • Three hours of training and coaching delivered by Russell Rush each week on the R3R1 sales concepts
  • Unlimited access to an online library of videos and tools over the course of the program and after the training has concluded
  • Coaching and practice in applying the concepts to real-life scenarios
  • Self-tests to assess achievement of learning goals

Priced Right for a Tough Market

The R3R1: The Science of Selling Academy is being offered virtually at $597, a savings of nearly $900 from the regular in-person program. Participants will engage via Zoom.

Selling a product like senior living in a time like this requires communities to adapt their message, pivot their approach, and stay at it using a process that works.

Join Russell Rush and you will learn how to succeed in any market.

To sign up for the R3R1 sales training program, click HERE. You can hear Russell speak about his sales methodology and why he’s so passionate about selling senior living in this recent webinar with Steve Moran HERE.