How about a CRM that actually helps senior living communities move the sales forward?

By Steve Moran

I know what you are thinking . . . yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone says that.  

But then you say . . . I am a skeptic but making my salespeople’s lives easier is pretty nifty, tell me more.

Craig Patnode and Eldermark

Confession time! The first time I ever met Craig Patnode was at some conference where I was just a tagalong person for an initial conversation with someone who was trying to sell Craig and Eldermark something, so I mostly just listened to the conversation. I am thinking I was so insignificant he doesn’t even remember the meeting.

I came away thinking he might be the most intensely passionate person I have ever met. His passion, enthusiasm, and smarts were completely overwhelming. Since that time we have had numerous conversations and I am in awe.  

He is one of the most brilliant and passionate technologists in the whole of senior living and the broader world of eldercare. He is driven to push or drag every senior living provider into the modern age, where technology actually makes the lives of everyone it touches better and easier.  

I am excited beyond belief to have Eldermark and their associated companies as a new Senior Housing Forum partner.

The Big Problem with Data in the Selling Process

CRMs are THE necessary evil in senior living. They are critical because they help salespeople manage their prospects (at least theoretically). They are critical to operators because they provide the sales and pipeline data investors demand.

They are a huge pain because they take massive resources to use.  

Salespeople spend so much time doing data entry, that could be better used for selling. And then making it worse, from a salesperson perspective, it is really not better than an old-fashioned paper system. In fact, it might be worse, because mostly they are making paper notes along the way, and then need to transfer that information to the CRM.

Yet for all of that, the CRM really does nothing more than make them feel guilty about all the things they are not doing, but the CRM says they should be doing.

Investors rightly want to understand what is going on with the senior communities in their portfolio and a big part of that understanding is occupancy and pipeline. But mostly getting this data from the CRM and other data sources has become a full-time job for one or more team members depending on the investor requirements and the number of communities.

And we have not even talked about the amount of time it takes to configure and manage the system.

So How About This?

  • How about a CRM that actually helps senior living communities move the sales forward?

  • How about a CRM that makes it possible to seamlessly deliver investor data on a regularly scheduled basis (or on demand)?

  • How about a CRM that actually helps salespeople advance the sales process?

  • Even cooler, how about a CRM that helps you uncover prospects you don’t even know exist and at a fraction of the cost of traditional lead generation activities. Much more about this in the next article and it will blow your mind I promise.

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