Out with the old . . . in with the NEW!

By Steve Moran

When I started Senior Housing Forum 6 years or so ago, I purchased a domain name, downloaded a free WordPress theme and set it up on $5.00 a month hosting service. It was an ok way to start because that first article got read about 40 times, mostly by friends and family who had nothing to do with the senior living business.

For more than a year, I was my own web master and finally I realized I just didn’t have skills I needed or the time to learn and started using some outside help. That got me through another year or two, but was fraught with problems: including one very long Thanksgiving where my site was completely down for something like 4 days . . . the only blessing being that it was over Thanksgiving, the very lowest traffic days of the whole year.

We grew and I reached out to SageAge Strategies and asked them to redesign from scratch. We needed to use our “real estate” better and the site had enough traffic that the reader experience had gotten way slow. The result of that effort is what you saw up until last week . . . 

The new look is what you see today!

The reason for this revamp is four-fold:

  1. We wanted to better use our real estate, which is why you see a much shorter header.

  1. We have a couple of hundred video assets that are being underutilized and wanted to make them available to you, including some reader reactions.

  1. We know you have some great video assets too and we wanted to give you a place to toot your own horn (bottom left column).

  1. We wanted to add a way for readers to find new careers as well as recruit from the best pool of leaders in the industry. There is a charge to post jobs but we will be offering some deals to kick it off.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the new design.