How often do you go outside your comfort space as a path to growth?

David Smith of SherpaCRM recently posted an article titled “Checking In,” Is Not a Next Step! I spent some time exploring source of that article and came across an article titled Stop Reading Books/Blogs On Selling! In that article I found this big idea: For true growth to happen it is necessary to get outside our usual haunts . . . true growth doesn’t happen when we attend the same old events and hang out with the same old people or groups of people year after year.

Speaking at Marcus Evans and Terrified

The Fall Marcus Evans Long Term Care CXO Summit (and the answer is that I have no idea why the fall summit is in July) takes place in just a couple of weeks in Florida where I am doing the opening presentation of the first day . . . and I am scared to death. I am terrified because I will spend 30 minutes sharing my ideas with top tier leaders who have a demonstrated track record of leading substantial organizations. I know I will have some friends in the audience because some of the ideas and concepts I will be presenting have come from those leaders.

The Terror is Worth It

The terror is worth it  because it is a huge honor to be asked to speak to this group of leaders.   It is also worth it because these leaders are a significant part of my target readership demographic. Most important for me, the Marcus Evans Events are worth it because because they take me out of my usual circle of influence. They give me a chance to rub shoulders with thought leaders in and around our industry. These events, for me, are always “True Growth” experiences.

If You Are Interested in Expanding Your Horizons

While, for me, it is the personal interactions that are most valuable, there will be some great presentations by these leaders:

  • Robert Siebel, Chief Executive Officer, Carriage Healthcare Companies, Inc.
  • John Cochrane, President and Chief Executive Officer,
  • Greg Crist, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, American Health Care Association
  • Steven Eastaugh, Health Policy Advisor to President Obama (2008-2010) and Professor, Department of Health Services Management and Leadership, School of Public Health, The George Washington University
  • Fran Kirley, Chief Executive Officer, Nexion Health Management
  • Andrew J. Carle, Executive-in-Residence, Assistant Professor Director, Senior Housing Administration, George Mason University
  • Philip D. Shapiro, MHA, MSPH, Manager-Member, Ascent Living Communities
  • Sylvia McTigue, Chief Administrative Officer, Elant, Inc.
  • Lynne Katzmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, Juniper Communities

Time is short, but there are still a few slots available for delegates (senior living developers and managers) and solution providers (vendors). If you are interested, fill out the form below and someone from Marcus Evans will respond to you. It would be great to connect with you there. Finally:  What do you do to break free from your usual haunts? Steve

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