By Steve Moran

Am I a bad leader because I …

(some serious and some just for fun)


  1. Sometimes struggle to make tough decisions?
  2. Keep a picture of myself as my desktop background?
  3. Don’t always have all the answers?
  4. Once tried to motivate my team with a PowerPoint presentation filled with cat memes?
  5. Sometimes let my emotions get the best of me?
  6. Am constantly eating all the snacks in the break room?
  7. Sometimes lack confidence in myself as a leader?
  8. Once “accidentally” locked my team in the conference room during a meeting?
  9. One time made the executive decision to paint the office neon green?
  10. Have been known to use too many buzzwords in meetings?
  11. Occasionally forget everyone’s names?
  12. Once showed up to a meeting in a chicken suit?
  13. Have no idea what I’m doing most of the time?
  14. Haven’t gotten around to reading Leadership for Dummies yet?
  15. Think “team building” means getting everyone to hate me equally?
  16. Believe “constructive feedback” is just a fancy way of saying “complaining”?
  17. Think “vision” is just another word for “vague and unrealistic goals”?
  18. Believe that “accountability” is just a way to blame someone else for my mistakes?
  19. Consider “delegation” to be the art of giving someone else a job I don’t want to do?