A Rose by Any Other Name

By Jack Cumming

The long tale of the decline and failure of Air Force Village West dba Altavita Village (AFVW) is drawing toward a close. For now, final approval of the sale of AFVW to Westmont Living is in the hands of the State of California. In the absence of guaranty legislation, as it has for insurance companies, the state has few alternatives other than to approve.

A Rose by Any Other Name

AFVW is now to be renamed Westmont Village. The skilled nursing section has been leased out to a separate, independent organization. Westmont Living, the prospective purchaser, operates 13 facilities in California and two in Oregon. Most of their facilities offer independent living, assisted living, memory care, and respite care. It is a family-owned business.

In addition to its Westmont Living operating entity, Westmont Construction is a licensed California general contractor that specializes in the construction of senior living communities. Projects range from kitchen additions to extensive building renovation projects, as well as newly constructed retirement communities.

What’s Next

The court has approved the transaction subject only to review by the state of California. That review is expected to be completed by the end of August. As mentioned, the state now has few options, so approval seems likely.

Meanwhile, some residents, perhaps as many as a dozen, have chosen to give notice that they are moving out, rather than waiting. Most remaining residents, however, are at an age where the thought of moving is too overwhelming, so it’s likely they will remain where they are.

There is concern among some residents that the new entity leasing the skilled nursing operations has yet to approach the current Care Center Director. Other residents are concerned that Westmont Living may not have realized the full complexity of what it is undertaking. Their fear is that a second financial failure might conceivably occur a few years from now. The onus continues to be on the State of California to put in place protections to prevent this kind of resident anxiety.