The perfect Holiday themed social media campaign, that surely has lessons for senior living.

There is this guy by the name of Peter Shankman who is an author, speaker, consultant and he has accumulated enough frequent flier miles that he offered to fly four people home for the  holidays, no strings attached.  All anyone who otherwise could not make it home, needed to do was post in the comments section why they should be picked. The post has been up for more or less three days and here is the result:

  • There have been a total of 170 comments that include people requesting a trip home, others saying something like “This is way cool” and others offering more miles and other things to benefit those in need.
  • It has been shared almost 2,500 times on Facebook.
  • It has been tweeted almost 350 times.
  • They are now up to 25 flights home, plus ground transportation plus other goodies.

It would take some creative thinking, but imagine what you could do in your local community.  Here are just a couple of things I thought of:

  • A campaign to donate miles to send grandparents to visit their families or grandchildren to their grandparents.
  • A campaign to donate hotel points for homeless people.
  • A campaign to collect Fast Food gift cards to be handed out to the homeless.

I actually think that in a local community a campaign like this could get more action than Peter’s campaign. This becomes a win-win for  him and for society as a whole and for the recipients. What else could a senior community do that would be as viral as this? Steve Moran

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