Blue Willow is offering its Ambassador Pricing program if a community or company “reserves” or schedules a 2017 installation; they will be eligible to receive up to 20% off the price.

By Pam McDonald

If you’ve ever been in a senior community when a resident “goes missing”, it’s not pretty. Adrenaline and anxiety shoots up. Staff scurry around, everybody’s on cell phones. Files are rifled and assignments barked out. There’s no business as usual until the resident is back, safe at home.

A similar response happens if a resident takes a tumble in a common area. Or is discovered to have fallen in his or her apartment. But with a new detection and alerting system, your team can snap into action when these emergencies arise without sending residents, families and visitors into a panic.

Blue Willow Systems, a Senior Housing Forum partner, is designed to allow senior communities to automatically monitor the health and location of their residents. The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is the brainchild of its founder Vikram Devdas, a highly regarded computer engineer and successful entrepreneur.

Following the tragic loss of his father from an undetected fall, Vikram was determined to develop new technologies that automatically detect falls and elopements.

The Blue Willow System:

  • Detects falls, provides real time notification of such events, and monitors resident’s vital signs and activity

  • Provides a meaningful, useable geofence for instant location of residents, allowing communities to effectively care for individuals with dementia while maintaining freedom of movement and dignity for residents and staff

  • Monitors resident health status and location in real time

  • Delivers always-on monitoring, which issues alerts when risks are detected

  • Provides reports to give community’s insight on trends and issues worth watching

Blue Willow is an integrated, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and an end-to-end solution. It includes wearable devices as well as sensors within a resident’s living space and throughout the community. Sensors send information instantly to mobile and desktop dashboards. And its cloud-based delivery provides ample mobility and flexibility for on-the-go caregivers and other staff. It also can be managed from multiple locations at any time, day or night.

In general, senior living is not known for its early adoption of new technologies. So communities using Blue Willow Systems as a tool to improve resident care can differentiate themselves in their local marketplace. But this window is closing as consumer demand pressures communities reluctant to give up their traditional methods.

Blue Willow Systems is easy-to-implement and cost-effective. There’s no need to purchase an expensive software package with features your community won’t use. And you won’t get hit with fees for upgrades and support.

To even further diminish price as an obstacle, Blue Willow is offering its Ambassador Pricing program which makes communities or companies that “reserve” or schedule a 2017 installation eligible to receive up to 20% off the price — you can complete your budget processes to include the Blue Willow system and “lock-in” the Ambassador pricing discounts for up to the 24 months of the agreement for installations anytime in 2017.  

Call (877) 789-9657 to learn more about Blue Willow Systems Ambassador Pricing.

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