Like, Zillow, and, this company empowers consumers with rich tools for filtering and a comprehensive database of listings.

By Wendy D’Alessandro

You’ve all met my mother – or some version of her. She’s a Baby Boomer tasked with finding an assisted living community for her father. She’s not sure what she needs and begins her search like nearly everyone else: on Google. But that doesn’t mean she ready to interact with you online.

When referral agencies and providers request my mom submit her name, email, and/or phone number to access information, she clicks out of the website (and hands that job off to me, but that’s another article for another time). She wants to do her own research, educate herself, and, when ready, reach out to communities she feels comfortable with and ready to engage. Forget the middle man (they’re just trying to make a sale, after all) and she doesn’t want you blowing up her phone offering more information., Senior Housing Forum’s newest partner, was created for people like my mom.

“We are one of the only true aggregators in our industry,” explains co-founder Debra Draves. “Like, Zillow, and, we empower consumers with rich tools for filtering and a comprehensive database of listings. Educated and engaged consumers from are ripe for conversion by seasoned sales teams.”

A Family Friendly Option

According to Debra, with

  • Users aren’t required to submit personal information to access resources or obtain lists of communities that meet specific criteria.
  • Families won’t receive an onslaught of follow-up sales calls.
  • Users are in control of the sales process. The easy-access to comprehensive data and the ability to sort and filter gives families powerful information that allows them to self-qualify before they engage a provider’s sales team.
  • The site also provides users access to credible websites that offer guidance on veterans’ benefits, Medicare/Medicaid, health/wellness, home health care, transportation, and hosts of other relevant topics.

That’s it. There’s no caveat. No catch.

How does this translate into move-ins?

As opposed to “capturing leads and brokering prospects, offers pure lead generation. “By giving families and prospective residents the ability to calmly research a comprehensive directory, when that prospect is ready to learn more about a specific community, they are way further down the funnel and the resulting conversations are extremely more productive and valuable,” Debra explains.

Show me the numbers

Conversion. Cost per lead. Occupancy. Budget availability. The numbers matter. So, how much does it cost to subscribe to and what do providers get as subscribers?

  • Providers pay a flat monthly fee of about $249 – similar to the cost of a basic marketing event, says Debra. Rates are based upon provider size, but for less than $3,000 a year, a 100-unit provider receives high-quality inquiries without erratic and impossible-to-predict pay-per-click or pay-per-move-in, making it so much easier for operators to allocate and manage their budget. Best yet, providers keep 100% of their rent upon move-in.
  • Subscribers are given priority and are featured in the search results. In addition to the basic listing data, Premium Listings include high-quality lifestyle photos from the provider, a community backgrounder that’s similar to an advertorial, a location map, direct phone number/website, a list of amenities and services, cost, and the option to publish availability. The listing is so customized that even the footer of each profile page contains the contact information of the provider, not how to get ahold of Looking for Care.
  • Quality leads convert. Debra says subscribers can expect an average conversion rate (profile-visit-to-prospect-engagement) of nearly 12% and that subscribers are enjoying initial prospect inquiries almost four minutes long. But take a look at the graphic below to see how individual subscribers have benefited from Looking for Care’s quality leads:

Coming to a market near you!

Debra says has the funding security to directly compete with large online referral agencies for “top-of-the-page” visibility. While maintaining a position of 2.0 to 2.1 represents a significant investment, its financial backers are so confident in their progress, plans for expansion into Arizona, Texas, Florida, and the Northeast will be completed by the end of Q3 and a full nationwide roll-out will be completed by Q1 of 2020.

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