According to rough estimates of experts, in the first half of 2021, Viagra accounted for about 60% of the global erectile dysfunction treatment market.

The history of the invention of Viagra is briefly known to most men who are faced with problems with potency. Viagra is a drug based on the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, originally developed by Pfizer to improve cardiac performance (for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension). During clinical trials of Viagra, it was found that the drug had a stronger positive effect on potency than on the course of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Viagra made the sex life of the study participants much brighter. Then Pfizer carried out all the necessary procedures, chose a name for the new drug (the word “Viagra” appeared as a result of the merger of the Latin word vigor (power, energy) and the name of Niagara Falls), packed Sildenafil into beautiful tablets of bright blue color and in the spring of 1998 received FDA approval for the use of this innovative drug in the United States for the treatment of symptoms of erectile dysfunction of physiological, psychological and mixed etiology. Soon, Pfizer received regulatory approval in other countries, which led to a truly triumphant procession of this drug around the planet. During all these years Viagra has established itself as the most effective means for improving potency, while safe for the body, of course, if all the recommendations from the instructions for use are followed.

Today, in the international pharmaceutical market, in addition to the famous branded Viagra, you can buy generics of this medicine that are no less effective, but much more affordable in terms of price. To buy cheap generics of Viagra is the best choice for men who are best suited for solving problems with potency Sildenafil citrate, but who are not willing to pay huge sums of money for treatment with the original drug.

Despite the fact that some consumers still have doubts about the reliability and quality of Viagra generics, more than four years of experience in their production by various pharmaceutical companies has shown that the vast majority of generics are in no way inferior to their prototype. For example, Canadian generics of Viagra are often even superior in quality to Viagra from Pfizer. This is due to the more modern equipment used to purify the active ingredient. Thanks to its use, it is possible to reduce the severity of side effects from Viagra generics. The Indian generics of Sildenafil are traditionally also of excellent quality, moreover, they are among the cheapest versions of Viagra. Another their advantage is a large number of dosage options and dosage forms, as well as fast delivery to a wide variety of countries around the world when ordered from Indian online pharmacies or through international pharmacies. Purchasing generics of Viagra, you get a time-tested solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction for an affordable price.