The Gift of a Lifetime.

Since 2002, Memories By Design has been an industry leader in producing over 175,000 Tribute Videos for families throughout the U.S., each customized to celebrate and honor a family legacy. Now, Memories By Design has expanded its expertise to provide senior family members with their own Life Story Videos, capturing the special people, places, and events in one’s life. These personal moments and achievements are celebrated through family-selected photos and video clips, supported by captions and music then packaged into a personalized PocketBook Memory video player. Not only is this effective personal reminiscence therapy, but each PocketBook Memory becomes a family treasure preserving a family legacy to be cherished for future generations. 

Designed with no additional work by staff, each senior community receives full credit and recognition when providing this very personal gift. As a dedicated custom video player, each PocketBook Memory can easily be enjoyed individually or with a large group. And with a commitment to high production values, turnkey execution, and personalization options, we offer peace of mind ensuring each PocketBook Memory Life Story Video production will be done well and in a timely fashion.

Now, is the time to demonstrate your commitment to personal family engagement through a long-lasting family gift that truly is “a gift of a lifetime!”

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