Connecting resources for the aging

Aging adults 65-plus is the fastest growing population in the United States—and an emerging market ripe with opportunity. But success with this audience demands more than general assumptions and naked statistics. It requires a deeper level of understanding to uncover their unique needs and desires. Equipped with this knowledge, you can make strategic business decisions, confidently and we can help.

Shaping Life, Improving Lives

At Link-age, our deep passion for the aging population drives everything that we do. Because people are at the heart of our integrated approach, we leverage our relationships and critical insights to help you better understand your audience and resonate with them in the marketplace.

Link-age’s three interconnected companies work together to improve your business’ impact on the aging population. We share exclusive insights into the 65-plus market, along with access to trusted companies and organizations in our network, for an all-inclusive approach to delivering goods and services that help aging adults thrive.

Give Your Business a Strategic Advantage

Link-age empowers our partners with insightful solutions to inspire business decisions. We do this by offering three specialized services to develop and deliver goods and services that activate successful aging.