LifeShare partners with senior care providers to craft technology to improve engagement for residents of senior living communities, individuals aging in place, and those who support and care for them.

Enhanced communication strengthens a sense of purpose for users, offers families peace of mind, and provides corporate partners a competitive advantage.


In 2011 technology veterans from Indianapolis sat down with administrators at a senior living community. They wanted to get feedback on an idea – an idea on how to enable better communication for residents and their families.

This mission was undertaken because they had loved ones dealing with transitions to senior living and the resulting disconnect from family. They tried computers and tablets, and found the challenge of connecting was unfortunately more challenging than the problem itself.

While partnering with care providers, the team also discovered that campuses were challenged to keep residents up to date on activities, events, and services being offered, and families were frequently not aware of all the great resources available.

LifeShare Technologies was created to help senior care providers facilitate improved connections between residents, staff and families using existing technology like existing TVs. From that initial vision, a tech ecosystem emerged, serving residents, families, and senior living staffs with simple tech solutions for real challenges.

LifeShare’s tech ecosystem includes a personal solution that features a set top box and universal remote control that works with any TV. Users can receive and send email and text messages to loved ones. They can get pictures and videos and respond easily. They can enjoy games, news, therapeutic music, and even faith programming for much less than the price of a cup of coffee.

LifeShare allows users to see current and upcoming events in their community with the click of a mouse, and reminds them of key appointments or activities via phone and/or TV notifications. Family members and care providers can access LifeShare via robust web and mobile apps that are designed to work on any device.

Communities can share important activities, menus, announcements and special occasions on public area TVs and can control the content with a web login. Visitors and residents alike can celebrate the fun you have each day via pictures and videos, which may be displayed automatically or retrieved on demand. And activities resources like games, therapeutic music, and faith programing are also accessible for group engagement.

Families enjoy how the free LifeShare mobile app allows them to easily see what Grandma’s doing, to upload pictures for her, add calendar appointments, even share notes with other family members.

LifeShare has a wide array of options to help providers maximize their impact and empowers those they serve to achieve their full potential. Because LifeShare uses existing TVs, phones, and Internet, it’s easy and inexpensive to try.

We are eager to partner with senior care leaders who would like to share their vision, and identify how we may play a part in it.

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