Amity, powered by Ome, is revolutionizing the standard of senior living with smart kitchen technologies that ensure safety for residents, all while improving efficiency for care facilities. Simply install our retrofit Smart Knobs on a kitchen stove and unlock the power of a Smart Appliance without the expense of a kitchen remodel. Our Smart Knobs provide peace of mind and an extra layer of safety for caregivers, staff, and families, while residents enjoy the freedom of cooking in their own space.

Amity’s groundbreaking customized dashboard allows managers and caregivers to control all stoves across communities from a single touch point. The system features centralized monitoring and control, including Automatic Shut-Off and Safety Lock features with real-time alerts and daily-usage reports. In addition, our objective reporting provides insight for early intervention and aids in determining the need for elevated care. Amity is bridging the gap between resident data and real life.

With Amity, senior living facility managers can finally monitor and control their residents’ appliances with one single, user-friendly software.

To learn more about creating a safer, smarter senior living experience, visit or email [email protected] to schedule a demo!

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